Colin Bernic - Home Automation Reference

Green Wave Automation 

Working wit Nigel Armstrong from Green Wave Automation has definitely been one of very few contractors that I have had the pleasure of dealing with over the past number of months. 

Nigel's company was recommended to me by Schneider Electric, the importers and suppliers of the CBus Home Automation System. 

I know that it is never nice to be asked to take a look at someone else's work and make comments about the entire installation, which was a total disaster. What made it worse was that the original and accredited contractor would not supply ANY after sales service or release the supporting software for omeone else to correct and service.

 At our request, Nigel flew down to Wilderness in the Southern Cape to do an on-site assessment of the installed system. 

An on-site meeting was arranged with a local electrician so Nigel could instruct him on work that needed to be done in preparation should we accept the quote.

Within two days I had a written report together with a very reasonable quotation and an undertaking that, when complete the system would work as originally envisaged. 

The quotation was comprehensive and transparent. The quote included items that mayor may not be required. It all correlated back to the final invoice.

The preparatory work was completed by the electrician according to Nigel's instruction. 

Three days were booked. Nigel again arrived with Petri, his very pleasant and able "team member" and without delay they started the task of physical changes. 

The entire system was eventually reprogramed. 

Within th time allocated, we had a fully functioning CBus Home Automation System. 

I now have an essential copy of the program on my personal laptop and a mirror of this resides with Green Wave Automation. 

Nigel is now able to make changes, if required, on his side and let me update directly into the system. There were a few minor changes which were needed as we now lived with the system and finally enjoyed the benefits of our Home Automation System. 

A year down the line we had a problem, not as a result of the work done at the time but it did need the intervention from Nigel and Green Wave Automation. This was done willingly, professionally and at no cost to us - what after sales service. 

Would I recommend the team at Green Wave Automation? 

Without a doubt and without hesitation. 

It has been a pleasure meeting you and having you do work for us. Please feel free to use us as a reference at any time. 


Colin Bernic 


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