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To whom it may concern,   

ECMP have embarked on an energy saving campaign.  The first phase of this process, has been completed with the installation of energy saving measures at our Head Office in Broadacres.

The process commenced by issuing a RFP (Request for Proposal) to various Energy Management companies.  After the evaluation of RFP’s, we decided to award the contract to Green Wave Automation (Energy Management System).  The project included the following:

Occupancy Control 

Sensors were installed throughout the building, including all offices, storerooms, meeting rooms and basement parking.    ƒ 
  • Sensors in offices and meeting rooms were set to a 30 minute time delay;   ƒ 
  • Sensors in storerooms and basement parking were set between 5 – 10 minutes depending on location.  The basement sensors were adjusted to remain off if sufficient natural light is available;   ƒ 
  • Sensors will also control wall unit air‐conditions; if the air‐con is on, after no occupancy, the lights and the air‐con will be turned off by the sensor.  The lights and air‐con turn back on if there is movement.  If the air‐ con was off when lights were turned off, it will not turn on with the lights, but has to be manually turned on;

Lux Level Control   ƒ 

  • A lux level sensor was installed to automatically control down lights in the reception area.    If sufficient natural light is available, they will turn off. 

Urn Control   ƒ 

  • Timers were installed on water urns, geyser and lobby AC’s to turn on between 6am – 6mpm weekdays, Saturday 6am – 2pm.       

Green Wave completed the project on time within budget with minimal disruption to the daily operations of the office.  The electricity bill after the first month of installation shows a significant saving.  We will however require several months of records before specific savings can be released.  

In conclusion, we can recommend Green Wave Automation as a professional, honest service provider.  In addition, we are confident that the investment on the energy saving measures will be recovered in less than a 3 year period and that our Environmental Commitment will be considerably enhanced.    Yours faithfully 


Managing Director

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