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To whom it may concern 

Green Wave Automation did an energy audit of our electrical consumption, recording a baseline measurement. An Energy Management system was installed in late 2010 in order to reduce electricity wastage, thereby lowering our impact on the environment. 

Equipment installed included sensors to control lights, automatically switching off lights if the area is unoccupied. All air-conditioners, Hydro-boils and geysers were put on a system to manage usage during peak periods and turned off after hours. Power factor correction units were installed to reduce kVA demand. 

We have recorded a 26% reduction in usage for the first half of 2011 compared to the same period in 2010. 

The saving of 94 585 kWH of electricity equates to: 

50 130 kg of Coal 

132 491 liters of water 

It also resulted in the following reductions in emissions generated in producing the electricity: 

14 660 kg of Ash 

93 639 kg of CO2 

733 kg of SO2 

395 kg of NOx 

(These numbers are based on the emissions generated and the resources required to generate a kWH of electricity as included in the Eskom 2011 Annual Report.) 

Green Wave Automation were pro-active in suggesting solutions that suited our budget and managed the installation within the time period specified. 

They installed the equipment with minimal disruption to operations in a professional manner. 


Theunis Schoeman 

Technical Director

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