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Electricity Savings From Day 1

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PKF Accountants have achieved electricity savings from day 1. Green Wave Automation were appointed as energy management specialists to reduce current electricity consumption at PKF Accountants.

Phase 1 of 3 was the implementation of power factor correction and harmonic filtering. This technology is used to reduce KVA demand and hence reduce your electricity bill while 'cleaning' power into the building. Capacitors are used to store reactive energy, which allows equipment to work more efficiently further creating savings for the future.

Phase 2: Load management with the implementation of Schneider Electrics TAC building management system in conjunction with a smart ION meter allows automated management of central and wall unit air-conditioners, geysers, urns and extractor fans. Previously all equipment ran with little management, but now automated control seamlessly creates savings by Load shedding equipment during peak periods and shifting start ups to reduce peak demand.

Phase 3: Occupancy sensors to control lights throughout the entire building. PKF had 1 switch to control a whole floor or wing, but now sensors control lights according to occupancy, creating significant savings. Not only reducing wastage, but also visual savings can be seen by staff and customers.

For more information contact Andy McKay at Green Wave on 011 465 3149

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