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SANRAL Want 5 Star Green Rating!

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SANRAL want to achieve a 5 star green rating for their new head office in Pretoria East.

Schneider Electric SA have appointed Green Wave Automation as the energy management specialists in charge of lighting and power metering. A DALI lighting installation which allows for Daylight harvesting (if natural light is available, lights dim) controlled by C-Bus sensors. Not only do the sensors allow for dimming of lights they act as occupancy sensors as well i.e. if the area is not occupied lights turn off.

Smart meters are used to measure power quality through analysis of usage patterns, Power factor, harmonic distortion and balancing of phases. The meter logs real time KWH, KVA, KVAR, which is graphically displayed via a web browser. Reports are emailed as per customer requirements and historical logs are kept to allow for indepth analysis of data. A nice feature is that future trends can be determined and budgets assigned according to future increases in electricity.

Monitoring of all utilities from the TAC BMS system allows for management and control of the building from 1 location. HVAC, Lighting, Fire Detection, GEN Sets, Lifts and alarms are all monitored via a the web browser. The benefits include pro-active management of equipment, scheduling maintenance and live alerts and alarms if a mulfunction occurs.

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