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Menlyn Coporate Park's BMS System provides complete control

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July 2010 - Menlyn Corporate Office Park - Green Wave Automation installed a BMS systems that monitors all utilites. Peak demand management reduce bills...

Green Wave Automation worked closely with Ukhozi Engineers to first determine requirements and then design and implement a building management system from Schneider Electric SA. The TAC Vista solution chosen is a web based solution that allows ultimate control of all utilities from the touch of a button. No more running around and reading data or turning on and off equipment, this is all managed from one central control point. Smart meters work in tandem with TAC Vista to deliver a comprehensive building management system, reducing peak demand and making load management easy as 1,2,3.

Load shedding is used to reduce peak demand by scheduling equipment off during peak periods and load shifting reduces peak demand by turning off non essential equipment when a peak is reached. This allows for lower electricity bills with no one manually controlling any equipment.

Excellent reporting and alerts via email or sms alert maintenance teams to any alarms such as low diesel in the generator, a lift alarm, fire detection or the temperature being too high or too low on a floor. Running time of equipment can be monitored and scheduled maintenance according to actual running time prevents breakdowns in the future and better performance of equipment.

Chillers are controlled to turn off if the building is emptying further reducing run time and increasing electricity savings and lowering the buildings carbon footprint.

PHASE 2 & 3:

Green Wave Automation was given the go-ahead to further roll out the control of building C and A. Reduced total ownership of the BMS system was achieved by controlling all 3 buildings with one system.

Project Team:

Green Wave's New Zealand born and trained Technical Director Nigel Armstrong has been the lead designer and project manager on the energy management project. He says the TAC Vista solution allows critical control of all utilities, if a part had to break down, it is plug and play so no downtime or reprogramming is necessary.

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