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Solar Energy

Green Wave provides turnkey Solar Energy solutions for both Commercial and Industrial customers; and residential clients. Our service offering includes engineering design, implementation, support, and financing of projects.


We provide Solar Energy solutions for commercial and Industrial clients. Whether you want to lower your electricity bill or backup power for key equipment, we can discuss solar solutions that suit your business. We provide solar finance options with no capital outlay, no maintenance costs, up to 25% reduction in your electricity bill and lowering your carbon footprint. Solar benefits include:

  • Lower electricity bills

  • Quick paybacks and excellent IRR return on your solar investment

  • Extended warranty on leading solar equipment

  • Solar finance provides savings from day 1

  • Identify other technologies that will improve operational efficiency

  • Lower your carbon footprint


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Different finance solutions are available. Why pay upfront when you can finance your Solar system with no upfront costs over a term and use your electricity savings to pay for the system. This can be done through a Rent to own or PPA (power purchase agreement).

  • No upfront payment

  • Full system maintenance

  • Rentals are tax deductible

  • You own the system at the end of the term and you would have saved money during the period


Suitable for individual homes or Sectional title complexes. No Upfront costs, up to 25% less for your electricity, no maintenance.

  • Lower electricity usage by installing a grid tie (no batteries) or hybrid Solar PV system

  • Batteries are used when there is a grid failure i.e. no Eskom power

  • Lithium Ion battery technology allows customers to have more storage that lasts longer

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  • Lower electricity bills, up to 25% reduction in costs

  • Low maintenance costs or no costs if on a lease agreement

  • On-going revenue generation after paying for the system

  • Improved building value

  • Excellent ROI and high IRR values

  • Strict long-term warranties

Green Wave is an experienced Solar EPC, with experienced in-house engineering and implementation teams. To view some of our projects click here!


  • We do analysis of your electricity usage patterns

  • We offer guidance on equipment selection

  • We do the installation using tier1 solar PV equipment

  • We provide Solar finance options, so you save from day one

  • We provide after sales service, cleaning, and monitoring of the Solar PV plant

  • We provide solar monitoring platforms to display and measure performance

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We provide energy solutions far greater than just Solar energy, so understanding your business is important in tailoring an energy solution for your business. Examples are correct tariff selection, Power Factor correction, billing discrepancies, management control systems.


We guarantee we will always provide you with sound and honest Solar advice.

  • This means no overselling

  • We do all the complicated engineering

  • We install the equipment ourselves

  • We provide full warranty back-up



Green Wave has experience installing off-grid Solar systems for agriculture, small holdings and game farms. We have examples of farms that have gone off the grid where we integrate Solar panels, batteries and generators give us a call and we can assist you.

  • Accurate planning of systems allows our clients to reduce generator use lowering diesel costs

  • The Solar system is made up of Solar Panels, inverters, batteries, and integration with generators


Solar Ensure your cell tower has a full monitoring system, providing remote access to all your key equipment.

  • Solar panels and battery backup to reduce generator use if no grid power

  • Monitor all equipment, HVAC, power, door opening, generator, diesel levels, battery levels, temperature, CCTV, fire detection systems all from one location, lowering operating costs and improving scheduled maintenance.

We provide a solution for all the above.



Avoid your core performance areas suffering downtime. Batteries are used to provide power for essential equipment during a power outage. There are many different options from Lead acid, Gel, Lithium Ion to Flow batteries. We offer various solutions to ensure you select the correct battery for your application.

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